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Photos of Suffolk

By Youth Photographer

Welcome to Soph's in focus

Hi my name is Sophie. I'm a youth photographer and content creator based in Suffolk. I mainly share my photos of Suffolk on Instagram, to my 4,000+ followers.

The types of photos I take are Landscape, Portrait,Event  Nature and Product photography.


My landscape photos are my most popular and can be used for commercial, editorial and personal use when purchased. I travel around Suffolk to take these. I've taken photos of the Orwell Bridge, The Felixstowe Gardens and Seafront, plus Needham Lake and Shotley. 

Commercial Photography

 I have worked for a range of commercial businesses including Attwells Solicitors and The Felixstowe Magazine, producing photo content for press releases, articles and promotional services. 

I believe photography should have no limits and people should be free to do whatever calls them creatively! With my almost 6 years of doing photography as a freelancer I am always thinking of my next steps and how I can move my business forwards.

For photos you like on my site please email for more information. Or fill out the contact form below. These will be available for download in the future. 

Please email or fill in the contact form here for questions or enquires

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